Infobar is a simple script which acts as an auto responder and mailing list program. Basically it is setup on your web site in a visible position so that web surfers who are in a hurry can get info on one or a number your products or services.

The idea is that they don't have to wade through yards of miscellaneous info they don't want in order to get to the good stuff. It has been setup to respond on 4 subjects (products or services) and add the persons email address to a mailing list log.

You can integrate with an existing mailing list program or manually download the list. We have provided you with a sample for you can use. You will need to modify the out-going autoresponses by FTPing into your CGI-BIN's Infobar directory "info.dat" files.


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Additional information on Infobar can be obtained from NetsiteOz.

NOTE: This is the html file with the post form and entry spots. All message links will be posted here. You can modify this page to look like your own easily. Simply copy the HTML from the "BEGIN" and "END" tags and paste it on your own page. Be sure to save your file over this one.